Awards and Rules

The winner will be selected on the basis of the obtained final QRSacc and HRacc on the hidden test data. The first three for each Event challenging will receive certificates and generous bonuses:
• First prize: Certificate plus bonus of RMB 15,000
• Second prize: Certificate plus bonus of RMB 10,000
• Third prize: Certificate plus bonus of RMB 5,000

We welcome all the individual or research group around the world to attend the challenge. To be eligible for the award, please do the following:
(Please be noted that paper submission is not mandatory and will not affect the challenge score.)
(1) Register the team before May 1, 2019.
(2) Submit at least one open-source entry that can be scored before June 1, 2019.
(3) Attend ICBEB 2019 (October 22-25, 2019) in Seoul, Republic of Korea and present your work there.

Please do not submit analysis of this year’s Challenge data to other Conferences or Journals until after ICBEB 2019 has taken place, so the competitors are able to discuss the results in a single forum.