Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: How can I register to attend this challenge?
R1: Please click to complete the registration.

Q2: How can we register team information to join the challenge?
R2: We suggest that the team leader, or one of the team representatives registers an account on behalf of the team in the system.

Q3: The sample entry, ‘CPSC2019_challenge.m’, is unable to be downloaded.
R3: Right click, save link as, and then download is finished.

Q4: How should I submit the challenge entries with the provided sample entry ‘CPSC2019_challenge’?
R4: You can add the ECG signal processing codes in the ‘CPSC2019_challenge.m', and submit the updated version of 'CPSC2019_challenge.m'. At this moment, please focus on the methods you need to develop, and submit the ‘CPSC2019_challenge.m’ with developed codes. Test data and training data are exactly in the same format.

Q5: How should I name the main function?
R5: Please name it CPSC2019_challenge.

Q6: If we use the python environment, can the test system support commonly used packages, such as keras, wfdb, numpy?
R6: Yes, It can.