Quick Start

As a starting point, we have provided example entries (Sample MATLAB entry/ Sample Python entry ) implemented using Matlab or Python, which provides the most widely used QRS peaks annotation algorithm, pan_tompkin.m, as benchmark or comparable algorithm.
To participate in the challenge, you will need to submit a software written by MATLAB or Python that is able to run on the test set and output the final scoring result without user interaction in our test environment. One sample entry CPSC2019_challenge.m is available to help you get started. And a scoring function CPSC2019_score.m is provided for competitors testing algorithms and build a new version of entry.zip. The team must submit the first challenge open-source entry before June 1, 2019. The deadline for submitting the official challenge entries is October 1, 2019.
• Please use the following link to upload your codes, http://www.cpscsub.com/ .

1. Download the Training set, Sample MATLAB entry and Sample Python entry (updated on June 21, 2019)

2. Create a free account and join the CPSC Challenge 2019 project.

3. Develop your entry by editing the existing files:

4. Submit your modified entry.zip for scoring through the CPSC Challenge 2019. The contents of entry.zip must be laid out exactly as in the sample entry. Improperly-formatted entries will not be scored.